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My name is Friedemann Victor and I would like to help you find new courage and joy in life. As a therapist, I offer my time, experience, and knowledge to work with you on your problems and challenges.
I first experienced the healing arts and pastoral care during my childhood in Thuringia, where I grew up as the son of a minister and a physician. Watching my parents in their respective professions, I realized the enormous impact that thoughts and beliefs have on people’s health, emotions, and life success. To me, it seemed at least as important as physical healing. As a teenager, I discovered psychology as the intersection of these professions and began to explore it. I studied not only scientific psychology but also major world religions like Buddhism and wisdom teachings like Stoicism and Confucianism. The insights I gained helped me get through crisis situations or change them, become more calm and mindful, and gain more self-confidence.

I incorporate this knowledge into my work as a psychotherapist to help you. In 2001, I received my first introduction to meditation. I continued to explore this technique and found it to be a lifelong support and useful tool. In 2012, I completed training in autogenic training, which is a resource for quick recovery. In 2013, I passed the governmental exam to become an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Berlin. From 2014-2018, I studied psychology at TU Dresden to learn about the scientific side of the field and graduated successfully with a Bachelor of Science degree. A subsequent internship led me to a private detox clinic for substance abuse in Thailand. There, I assisted in group sessions of the 12-step groups, meditation classes, behavior therapy sessions, trauma therapy, counseling, and daily sports for clients. I extended the internship to employment for another 4 months to gain more experience. This experience introduced me to the working methods of international therapist teams and inspired me to look beyond the German health insurance system.

From there, I brought the knowledge that a combination of different approaches, such as trauma therapy to dissolve old stress memories, with the development of new behaviors, such as in CBT or meditation, can bring success into my practice. This experience ultimately encouraged me to become a self-employed psychotherapist.
I offer you empathetic, holistic therapy and counselling that is tailored to your individual situation.”

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